Monday, July 23, 2007

Pardon my foray into tonight's debate

I know this is part of Obama's shtick as a calm, cool reasonable guy, but this is ridiculous. In tonight's debate (which I watched part of and thought the format was weird btw), Obama pulled something that seemed straight out of Hans Blix's playbook in Team America: World Police. Obama promised in his first year in office to meet one-on-one with basically the three most hideous dictators the globe has to offer: Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and Kim Jong Il.

I know I'm not a foreign policy expert (although neither is Obama in comparison to other candidates), but this just seems like appeasement at its worst to me. I must say I agree with Hillary on this one -- words you never expected to see on this blog, I know. Let's take the three lowest of the low, known as oppressors of liberty and tyrannical leaders throughout the free world, and validate their approach with an in-person meeting with the president of the United States. Like these are reasonable people that are going to swoon at the recognition and cut out their antics as a result of a meeting with Barack?

Folks, there are arguments to be made for liberalism. I can understand the tack behind Edwards' Two Americas and Hillary's universal everything entitlements....but this? I think Obama made quite the faux pas this evening, and I'm curious whether it will show up in the MSM tomorow. Now all of this is not to say that I have decided which candidate to give my support next year. A lot of this depends on the degree of libertarianism exhibited by the Republican nominee and whether this TBD candidate has a snowball's chance of beating the Democratic nominee. But after comments like that, I am all the more certain who it will not be.