Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Social networking and TV

Instead of blogging, I just went and wasted time on Facebook. I may possibly be one of the oldest people doing this whole social networking thing, but who cares right? It's kind of a slick user interface, and it's a nice way of keeping in touch with people. My biggest problem is that no one I know over the age of 28 is on it! Well, that's not quite true, but it seems it is a bit too young for all my college friends. So I am left to my own devices with my grad school buddies and younger sister's friends. Now people my age seem more into Friendster, but they don't really update their sites constantly like these others seem to... Regardless, it's an interesting societal phenomena.

But what had I thought about writing about as I am still in wind-down mode? Well, I'd been considering writing a post about my favorite TV shows for quite some time. I'm in this odd little phase right now where I can hardly find a movie that I want to see, but there's way too much TV for me to keep up with. Good TV, honest! Fairly well done, very little of the reality show or "I'm just flipping channels and want to watch something" variety.

I'm finally starting to crash a bit and really need to get to bed, but here are the new fall shows that have me hooked at the moment.

Brothers and Sisters -- Somewhat soapy but well-done TV with a stellar cast. Great family drama that gives me a regular Greg Berlanti fix so I miss Everwood a litle less.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip -- I quit watching for a couple weeks, but I tuned back in to see the John Goodman and Christmas episodes...and now I'm hooked. I never liked the West Wing, but I think I like this. And I definitely like the portrayal of a Christian character as sane and intelligent...so points there.

What About Brian -- Not exactly new and a total soap opera, but between the young cast and relevant storylines for someone my age...definitely worth a look.

The Class -- It's a somewhat formulaic but rapidly improving sitcom on after How I Met Your Mother. Stellar cast again, including Jason Ritter and Lizzie Caplan.

Heroes -- I was late to the party, but I'm definitely interested. The plotlines are complex but intriguing, and darn it if I'm not hooked on this X-Men ripoff.

And in terms of existing television, How I Met Your Mother, New Adventures of Old Christine, The Office, and Scrubs continue to impress and be appointment television at our house. Except that the appointments are made several days later, usually on the weekend, when we have time to sit down and catch up with all the shows we have taped. Don't even get me started on what happenned when the DVR died here last week! With that, I will draw my giddy basketball-induced ramblings to a close. Good night readers!

Now that's what I call Bragging Rights! Nevermind that I thought the officiating was atrocious and Nolan Richardson was obnoxious beyond all belief, this was a quality basketball game. Perhaps the best Illinois basketball game I have seen this year, as they kept their heads up, fought hard, and played well in difficult circumstances. Having Brian Randle and Jamar back on the court made a big difference in the flow of things, and Shawn Pruitt and Warren Carter both had exceptional games. (That being said, I hope to hear good news about Carter's leg tomorrow. He left the game after a hard foul with 3-4 minutes left and couldn't get it relaxed enough to come back into the game)

Now, I realize my eye is biased. Despite my love of the game, I must admit that I still do not know all the ins-and-outs of college basketball refereeing. But my somewhat practiced eye thought that Mizzou's players were mauling Illinois at times (several intentionals should have been called) and that the Illini players were charged with a lot of nit picky, nonexistent fouls. Was it just me? Did anyone else feel this way? Of course, I thought quite a bit of traveling went uncalled on both ends.

But hey, that was a doozy. It kind of makes me wish we'd tried harder for the tickets this year. I entered the Bragging Rights ticket lottery in 2004 and 2005 trying to win a birthday present for the hubby but to no avail. I must say that the game from my living room did not disappoint! Now I just have to get past my little vicarious adrenaline rush and get to bed...but more posts may follow until that happens.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Snow day!

Apparently, they happen out in the working world. Thanks Mother Nature, I needed it. Nice time for an unplanned three day weekend. Now if we could just get my parents' power turned back on...