Thursday, December 15, 2005


Semester is almost over. Final paper turned in? Check. Finance spreadsheets? Finished. Studying for an exam tomorrow that's almost half my grade? Uh, just starting that one. It's 11:30. Not my finest hour.

Luckily, I did work a bunch of the covered problems earlier in the week before writing madness set in. I do also have all day to study before an evening exam tomorrow. There's a pesky little thing called work in the way, but I only have to do that until noon.

Wish me luck and some energy. Even more energy to get my house cleaned for company Saturday night. Is Christmas here yet? With the semester truly over, I hope to soon resume light blogging (do I have any other kind lately?).

There's lots to blog about though. Good news from Iraq. Josh on John Mayer, which cracked several of my coworkers up yesterday. (But I do own a Jack Johnson CD now, so I can't talk. It's quite soothing and good for making me sleepy at work). All sorts of good stuff witnessed lately by the Illini basketball team. Eric Gordon, Billy Cole, the game against Oregon where it all started to come together. Hope to see you back here soon.