Thursday, November 30, 2006

Weather outside is frightful...

Well, it's that time of year again. All day long at work, central Illinois has been fretting over the winter storm to come. 8-14 inches! A half inch of ice! We'd better leave early today! We shouldn't have come! Now they are only saying 4-6 inches of snow, now it's back up 14, now they are predicting whiteouts! Everyone gets into the game and monitors NOAA all day long -- it's really somewhat comical.

In some ways though, it's really somewhat nice. All curled up at home with our books and computers and favorite TV shows, a great excuse not to go outside. Pop a pizza in the oven, spend some time with loved ones. It's not helping me get ready for my finals, but I am enjoying it quite a bit. The ice isn't letting up, 6-10" snow still expected. I would not be at all sad if we're snowed in by a blizzard tomorrow -- as long as our power stays on!

Aside from the roads, the other thing that kept me from cocooning at home is that I was packing up my desk. Same company but a new opportunity, a bit more strategic and high-level. It's also a little bit sad as I love what I've been doing these past few years and will miss my co-workers, but it's gotten a bit stressful and repetitive for me lately. It'll be nice to have a break from IT and a stretch assignment. At the same time, I kind of feel like I'm getting ready for the first day of high school or college.

I told a friend the other day that I'm feeling more and more apolitcal these days. More and more libertarian I would say as well. I think it's mostly a lack of ideas and candidates to be inspired by at the moment, and perhaps overall disappointment at the political climate and state of affairs in the world. I'm not angry at the current adminstration or anything like that, as I think they have done the best they could in the given circumstances. I don't feel like any party quite stands for my principals either though, so pardon me for the lack of politics lately.

And as for Illini basketball, I still love my orange and blue. It's been a bit tough to watch the games so far. I've seen a few flashes of brilliance, but the boys have been plagued by injuries and subpar play for them. I sat on the edge of my seat and breathed a sigh of relief when they pulled it out during the Miami (OH) and Bradley games. I wasn't home for Maryland, but the hubby said it was a heartbreaker. I've been encouraged by Jamar's small amount of play, Shaun Pruitt's inside presence, and occasionally Warren Carter's performance. They are definitely missing Brian Randle right now. I know that it's not going to be quite like last year and more losses will probably occur, but I'm still looking forward to the season. I just wish watching the offense was not so painful.

In other news, one of my best friends is being induced this evening. We're eagerly awaiting the arrival of the little guy and praying for you W&J!