Monday, November 29, 2004


So I'm trying to resume more frequent posting, as I find myself falling off some blogrolls and overall network traffic decreasing. Work/school were a bit draining though, so instead I will offer up a smattering of my favorite posts from the past couple weeks.

Iowa Wine Guy has up a fine summary about Illinois's stellar performance against Gonzaga last Saturday in Indianapolis. The hubby and I were headed home from Thanksgiving activities with the extended family and hoped to be home by the end of the 1st half. We arrived back for the second half tip-off and missed the finest half of Illini basketball since they made Nick Lachey cry in his Cincinnati gear during March Madness last year. Hot shooting, great teamwork, maturity shown by the entire crew. Ultimately Weber put in the 3rd string for about the last 20 minutes of the game, so the margin of victory was only 17 points. However, Fighting Illini basketball showed that they have what it takes to maintain and improve upon that #4 ranking. Their next big test will come this week against #1 ranked Wake Forest. If they come out with all guns blazing again...upset potential must exist.

I was turning a bit green with envy as I read Spoons's posts about the National Review Cruise and hanging out with Dinesh D'Souza (who I have met once), Jay Nordlinger, Jonah Goldberg, Michelle Malkin, and Jay Nordlinger. Soooo jealous. Now if only I could stumble on an extra 10,000 dollars to the take the British Isles cruise next summer and hang out with Peggy Noonan. Not too likely when we're trying to adjust to our new DINK lifestyle and become good stewards of our finances. If NR truly wants to grow the conservative/libertarian movement, might I suggest a snazzy convention in an affordable part of middle America? Until then, I'll just wait for the next reasonable Caribbean opportunity or winning the lottery.

The National Review article on "Jobless in Michigan?" assesses why the state is hemhorraging jobs as of late, bipartisanly pointing some fingers at Jennifer Granholm and the Republican-controlled legistlature's policies. Interestingly enough, you could write a similar article about Illinois's anemic job growth over the past four years or so. However, I saw an article in the past week surmising that Illinois does not rank that high . Why can't we get the promising, up-and-coming technology jobs to locate here? Over the past year, I've heard a bit about the "Corridor 74" initiative and its attempt to set up Central Illinois for new agricultural/biological/technologal businesses. However, it has been quiet lately on this front. I'd be interested in any insight that visitors have on this matter.

On a more lighthearted note, National Review Online's Cathy Seipp (admitted WB drama junkie like myself) wrote an interesting article on 'Red-State TV'. Along with shooting down the idea that culturally-conservative TV cannot be interesting and funny, she also discussed two of my husband's favorite shows (Simpsons and King of the Hill) and singled out one of my favorite shows on network TV: American Dreams. Yes, it's somewhat sappy and predictable (historial influences and all that jazz). In its third season, this show seems to be getting even better at interlacing historical plotlines and moving family relationships, posing some interesting pro-military/anti-war conflicts that seem incredibly relevant in our society today. And the episode a week ago when MIA soldier son JJ finally escaped Cambodia and made it home to Philadelphia was incredibly well done. If you aren't watching this show and you are a fan of quality dramas on TV (Joan, Alias, Lost, Everwood, et cetera), then fans like myself and Wild Banshee will encourage you to give it a try.

Think that's all for now as I have finals to study for, a house to pack up and list, and a dead car battery that I must check on and desperately hope is restored by tomorrow morning. Have a nice evening!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Dismantling an Atomic Bomb over Thanksgiving

We had something like 6 inches of snow here today folks. Six inches! A White Christmas is not guaranteed in this neck of the woods, and this year we get a white Thanksgiving. It should make for a pretty drive tomorrow though. And what will be playing on our car stereo if I have any say about it?

U2's How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

I picked up my copy on Tuesday, the release date. Early reviews have been pretty positive, including this fascinating National Review analysis of the album as it relates to faith. Circumstances today (snowstorms and many moving errands) precluded much listening, but I am excited to hear this album for the first time.

And yes I love U2 despite any liberal proclivities that Bono or other members may have. Sure, I cringed a bit last week when I heard Bono wailing at the Clinton Library dedication. However, Bono is one of the few, proud thoughtful Hollywood liberals that I respect. The man truly is an advocate for things that I consider noble causes (securing more funding to fight AIDS in Africa among others), and he has won my respect by working on both sides of the aisle for change. The man worked both the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention within six weeks this summer. That's dedication if nothing else.

U2 has been one of my favorite bands since I got hooked on Achtung Baby during middle school. All politics aside, I'm incredibly excited to add another one of their haunting, thought-provoking albums to my collection.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours btw! I'm hoping that regular posting will resume in the near future, but it may be dicey around here until December 15th or so. There's a rumor that Santa may bring me a laptop and a wireless network this year -- if that happens blogging should become more frequent in the new year.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Funny how things work

It's been a good week here in the land of Illinigirl. For one thing, we are 99% certain that Illinihubby has a job. Hooray! To all of you you have listened to me whine on the blog for months now, thank you for your patience and/or prayers. And to top that off, I think we just bought ourselves a house. Happy details to follow, but I have a midterm to finish studying for tonight.

Plus, Illini basketball starts soon. The showing up of Dick Vitale and his no-confidence #13 ranking begins soon. What more could an Illinigirl ask for?

Monday, November 08, 2004

So now what?

The election has been over a good week now, and I still haven't been able to fully collect my thoughts about what has happened. I will say that I know where Jim Geraghty was coming from over at National Review when he wrote this:

"Anybody else feel like a ten-ton weight has been lifted from his shoulders? Anybody else feel like every muscle had been tensed and clenched for about two months, and a steadily increasing vice-like pressure had been squeezing him, day by day, as the election approached? Just me? Boy, since that last debate, I just wanted the race to end. Just vote and get it over with."

So we finally voted, it's over with. We won't go into all the details tonight, but suffice it to say that I am glad this election is over and the cards fell as they did. For anyone who might be interested, I did not vote a straight ticket as I made the same choice as Bill Dennis albeit for slightly different reasons.

So now the question -- what to write about? First, I'd like to find some time to do so. It may be dicey the next four weeks or so. I apologize if my postings are less and less frequent, but I'm really struggling to achieve a work-life-school balance at the moment. After this is done though, I'm going to shift my attention a bit more to cultural and faith matters, although I promise there will still be discussion on the conservative/libertarian issues that I hold dear.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Packing it in

In a sign that we really are feeling our ages or perhaps feeling fairly optimistic about election results at this point, Illinihubby and I have decided to pack it in for the evening. Network coverage varies at the moment, but there are 5 states I've got my eye on at the moment:

Florida (called by almost all now), Ohio, Colorado, New Mexico, Alaska

Bush stands at 210 electoral votes at the moment. These states are trending heavily Bush -- expect they will be called in the next few hours. (27 + 20 + 9 + 3 + 5 = 64). Those four fall and it's game/set/match at 274. Take a hike back to your cave Osama and quit trying to influence our electoral process.

My final prediction? Bush 293/294 (depending on the Maine congressional district), Kerry 245/244. The true states still up for grabs fall Wisconsin, Nevada, and New Hampshire (perhaps Hawaii) for Bush. Iowa and Michigan look like long shots at the moment, as much as I would like to see them turn red...may have to wait 4 more years.

Sweet dreams folks
a little levity

Only laugh I had all day -- particularly liked 9, 16, 25, 37 & 42: (Heinz) 57 Reasons Kerry Can't Win

I'll refrain from commenting on the election this evening as I don't want to jinx anything. I will admit that the exit poll fiasco made me a nervous nellie at work. Went to the gym and then to Disciples for a couple hours, came home, and my mood is much improved. No matter what the final results, my faith in the American voters has been restored a bit. The media tried as hard as they could to throw this election into Kerry's camp and the American people saw through it.